Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recycled Home

A friend from work recently lent me Mark and Sally Bailey's fabulous book, Recycled Home. If the image on the front cover wasn't an indication of how much I would love this book, the first line of the introduction completely sealed the deal.  Mark and Sally state that "rescue, repair, reuse and rethink are the guiding principles of our version of recycling"...  Love at first line!

Recycled Home

While there are so many gorgeous photos by Debi Treloar throughout the book, one particular image caught my attention.

How great are these boot molds used as a toilet roll holder! I love the idea of using items for a purpose completely different to what they were designed for. Particularly items like this or re-purposed medical items.  We currently use our wooden shoe molds for anything from a door jam to a paper weight but there are so many great ideas out there.

vintage medical gurney repurposed into hallway console table

Porcelain glove mold

M xx

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban Outfitters

I am ashamed to admit it but I have only just discovered that Urban Outfitters deliver to Australia...  gasp! And the best bit?  They deliver for free for orders over $50!  Hoorah!

Urban Outfitters are known for their quirky and kitschy apparel and home wares and their vintage apartment range is right up my alley. 

To celebrate my new discovery I have put together my shopping wish list...  now where is my credit card?

Vintage Medical Framed PrintRhino Bookend - Set of 2

Antler HookLinen Dress Form

Phrenology Head Poster  Vintage 1972 Porcelain Hand

You can shop all of the above and more here.

Happy Shopping!

M xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabric as Art

No matter where I live I seem to accumulate fabric.   Whether it was bought with a specific project in mind or just because I loved the fabric and hoped I might use it one day, my fabric collection has grown.  Instead of it sitting in the cupboard I thought why not use my favourite pieces to create some new art to hang around the house.  

Materials I used:
1. An old canvas print I already had
2. Staple Gun
3. Staple Remover
4. Staples
5. Fabric (make sure it is ironed to remove any creases)

Firstly I removed the staples of the current canvas print and turned it inside out and restapled it.  The fabric I wanted to use was quite light so I didn't want the old canvas print to show through.  I unscrewed the existing hook and kept to put back on later. 

I then cut the fabric to size and stapled a few staples along one side before pulling taught and stapling the opposite side.  It was then just a matter of working my way around making sure the fabric was pulled tight.  The corners were folded just like you would a present.  I then just replaced the hanging hook and we're finished!

Our spare room before:

And After:

 M xx


Sunday, February 10, 2013


This week I have been distracted (in a creatively inspiring way) by Jen Bishop's (from the fab blog Interiors Addict)  7 Vignettes photo challenge on instagram.

The idea behind the challenge is to create a vignette for the different daily theme.  So what is a vignette?  Guest judge Steve Cordony describes it as “...a small cluster of objects or things that have meaning or resonate an emotion or memory. Items collected from travels, objects found in the most obscure places or that one amazing piece you have been coveting for months."

The themes this round were:

vignettes february
Via Interiors Addict

There were so many entries that I just loved.  Some people are so creative and have the most beautiful things! Although it was hard narrowing down my favourites here are a few from each theme that I loved: 

Day 1. Books

Day 2: Texture

Day 3: Love

Day 4: Shiny

Day 5: Cushions

Day 6: Old

Day 7: Pattern

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M xx

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I want a new man...nequin!

Samantha Wills recently posted the below image of her New York apartment to her instagram.  There is a lot I love about her apartment but what caught my eye in particular were the beautiful mannequins she has on display.  

They are not to everyone's taste, including my husband who thinks they are creepy, but I love their curvy shape and how they can instantly add character to a room.  Not only can they be used as a decorative feature they can also have a functional purpose.  Hang your favourite necklace or scarf on one; loop your belts around the waist or pin your favourite vintage brooches to the fabric ones.  I currently have one in our spare room that I have hung a handmade necklace we bought in Kenya. I think is is time to start expanding my mannequin family though and the below ones would do nicely please.

Le Correcte Vintage / Antique Mannequin or Dress Form.  Patent Date November 28 1909
ON SALE  Vintage Teen Male Mannequin Torso- Dress Form
1969 Vintage Wolf Dress Form Size 38

M xx

Images: here, here, here, here