Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Updating Ikea Furniture

When I first moved to Dubai in 2008 the plan was to stay for a year before moving to Australia.  So when choosing furniture for my apartment the plan was to stick to affordable basics for my 'temporary' home that I could sell a year later.  Well that one year turned into four years and then we were relocated to Perth and sure enough we still have our 'temporary' ikea couch!

We've actually grown quite fond of our couch over time and as it is also a sofa bed and a storage unit it has been really handy over the years.  Like any soft furnishing it is starting to show its age and has some marks accumulated on it from our beach days in Dubai.  We do keep an eye out for new couches but I am saving that purchase until we buy a house here.   To tide me over until then I have recently discovered a company called Bemz... a Swedish company that has created covers for a whole selection of ikea furniture in really great fabrics and colour choices!

Our sofa is the Manstad model and the below are my short list of my favourite covers:

Can anyone guess I like stripes??

M xx

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  1. Your couch looks great! I like that it offers storage and is a sofa bed. We don't have a guest bedroom and so I have been thinking maybe we should get a bed/sofa!

    1. Thanks Maya. It has been such a handy couch over the years, I will be lost without if we buy a new one!

  2. I'm tempted to update our Ikea cover too after seeing this, much more stylish than the current navy blue one!

  3. I like number two - perfect for a beachy vibe :)