Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faux Taxidermy

I am not an animal person and have never really been one.  Strangely though, I have a love of dead ones.  Yes, I love taxidermy.  Whilst I am happy to admire pieces in other people's homes I am still undecided whether I could actually have some in my own home... yet!

So how can I get around this?  Faux taxidermy! 

There are some great and affordable faux taxidermy options around.  Here are a few of my favourite ones:

White, Wedding, Deer Head, Faux Taxidermy, Stag, Faux Deer Head, Deer, Home Decor

White Faux Taxidermy - Fake Deer Head - The Pablo - Yellow Resin Deer Head- Stag Resin Yellow Faux Taxidermy- Chic & Trendy Alexis-Image04.jpg

Brian Patrick Flynn - Moose Head Decor 

The Manstad | Bison Head | Faux Taxidermy | Black Resin

Could you have a real piece of taxidermy in your home?

M xx

Taxidermy Fact For The Day (TFFTD):
Anthropomorphic taxidermy is where stuffed animals are dressed as people or displayed as if engaged in human activities.  Just in case you were wondering...
Images:  herehere, here; here, and here
TFFTD: Wikipedia

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  1. Faux sounds like the way to go for me!!
    Love your factoid too but that sounds really creepy!!!