Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY Candle Holder

We were wandering around Bunnings a few weeks ago (everyone does this on the weekend right?) and saw these wooden blocks on the shelves.  I thought they'd be perfect for an easy DIY project.

After umming and ahhing over what to make we decided to make a DIY candle holder.  The original plan was to create two candle holders, each made of two blocks.  After spraying them I decided they look better as a stack of four so I have only one for now.  A good excuse to go and buy four more so we have a pair! 

For colour I decided on black and used Dulux Spraypax in Gloss Black.  I hadn't used a gloss spray paint before and found it does have its challenges...  after spraying the blocks outside it felt like every time I came back to check on them I'd find bits of dust/sand/miscellaneous items stuck to the blocks!!  The downside of living with a sea breeze I suppose!! 

M xx


  1. They look great, like the gloss paint.

  2. E I was about to say the same thing - love the gloss finish! Clever M.

  3. Love the styling in this shot and the fashion sketch in the back ground :)

    1. Thanks Willow! The fashion sketch was a present from a gorgeous girlfriend. Such a great gift!