Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love Much? Yes lots!

M and I have recently bought our first home together (albeit a small one!) but having this little piece of the world that we can call our own has inspired me with all things home interiors... blogs, magazines, websites.. the list is endless.  There are so many wonderful ideas out there!  As there are so many things I LOVE I have decided to start this blog to document my ideas, thoughts, plans and inspirations and when we are finally able to move home one day I can put these ideas into action... Hopefully!!  So for now sending much love from me to you!

I would love to make this

Sparklers!                                                                                  HOW TO MAKE SPARKLER MESSAGES *Use a tripod
*Set camera mode to M (manual)
*Set f/stop to f5.6
*Set shutter speed to 4" (4 seconds) or slower (make the shutter speed faster for more defined words)
*Set white balance to Tungsten
*Make sure everyone writes their letters backwards!

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