Monday, March 18, 2013

Talented E!

Back in January I wrote about how much I loved the two images below and wondered whether I could come up with something similar using some photos I have taken in my own travels.  

Painting in Canvas 3Painting in Canvas 2

                   Luckily for me I have a hugely talented mother who offered to edit some of my images for me.  Unsure about what the images would look like once edited I sent the below three photos through.  The first two photos were taken in 2012 during a visit to a local Masai village in Kenya.  The third image was take alongside the Nile River in Egypt in 2011. 


All three images looked great edited but the third image was my favourite.  I love his relaxed body language and the cool demeanor he projects.  I can picture him just chilling along on the dock each time I look at it.

We just got the final framed product back today and I love it.  The original pictures that inspired me sell for about $1200 each.. this one came in at just under $100!

What do you think?

M xx


  1. Great framing M. I had thought you were going to have them done on canvas but I like the b&w frame.

    1. Thanks E! I originally thought canvas too but am glad we decided on framing.

  2. Yes, great framing and great talented E for e-editing the image. Looks great.

  3. Looks great!!! Cleverness runs in the family x