Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I want a new man...nequin!

Samantha Wills recently posted the below image of her New York apartment to her instagram.  There is a lot I love about her apartment but what caught my eye in particular were the beautiful mannequins she has on display.  

They are not to everyone's taste, including my husband who thinks they are creepy, but I love their curvy shape and how they can instantly add character to a room.  Not only can they be used as a decorative feature they can also have a functional purpose.  Hang your favourite necklace or scarf on one; loop your belts around the waist or pin your favourite vintage brooches to the fabric ones.  I currently have one in our spare room that I have hung a handmade necklace we bought in Kenya. I think is is time to start expanding my mannequin family though and the below ones would do nicely please.

Le Correcte Vintage / Antique Mannequin or Dress Form.  Patent Date November 28 1909
ON SALE  Vintage Teen Male Mannequin Torso- Dress Form
1969 Vintage Wolf Dress Form Size 38

M xx

Images: here, here, here, here


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  1. Love the idea of "growing your mannequin family" - cute!!!