Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabric as Art

No matter where I live I seem to accumulate fabric.   Whether it was bought with a specific project in mind or just because I loved the fabric and hoped I might use it one day, my fabric collection has grown.  Instead of it sitting in the cupboard I thought why not use my favourite pieces to create some new art to hang around the house.  

Materials I used:
1. An old canvas print I already had
2. Staple Gun
3. Staple Remover
4. Staples
5. Fabric (make sure it is ironed to remove any creases)

Firstly I removed the staples of the current canvas print and turned it inside out and restapled it.  The fabric I wanted to use was quite light so I didn't want the old canvas print to show through.  I unscrewed the existing hook and kept to put back on later. 

I then cut the fabric to size and stapled a few staples along one side before pulling taught and stapling the opposite side.  It was then just a matter of working my way around making sure the fabric was pulled tight.  The corners were folded just like you would a present.  I then just replaced the hanging hook and we're finished!

Our spare room before:

And After:

 M xx



  1. That made a difference to te room. Great idea M

  2. Very cool! I can use my staplegun for this!

    1. Thanks C! I wish you and your staple gun were here, we had to buy one!