Monday, May 27, 2013

House Envy

A few weekends ago I flicked on the television during the day and saw that a repeat of Blue Lagoon was on.  I don't think Brooke Shields could possibly be any more beautiful than she was in that movie.  Stunning!  Perhaps I am a prude after so long living in Dubai but I was fairly shocked by all the nudity.. I didn't remember that from when I was a kid! I suppose it was shocking to me as both main characters  seemed so young...  My interest piqued, I googled Brooke to see how old she was when she filmed Blue Lagoon (she was 14 in case you are interested!*) and I stumbled came across this article in Architectural Digest on her Manhattan Townhouse.  OH.MY.GOODNESS. A collaboration between architects MADE and designer David Flint Hicks the house is absolutely stunning.  The clincher for me from the article was this line...  

"One of the team’s first excursions was to the hangar-size warehouse in New Jersey where Shields had stowed the treasure—and detritus—from her own many moves and from her mother’s decades as an obsessive comber of flea markets."

Wouldn't I have loved to have been part of that team that explored that warehouse!!

Read the full article here 

M xx

* apparently Brooke later testified before a US Congressional inquiry that older body doubles were used in some of the nude scenes. 


  1. Um wow! Very cool! X

  2. Yes-so young and so lucky. I like the outdoor-indoor chairs and that bathroom.

  3. Obsessed with all those rooms... how good is that green chair?

    1. It's lovely. Although I can't get past the chandelier in that room... LOVE!