Friday, May 3, 2013

My Dream Auction!!

When I was looking for vintage props for our wedding I became a little addicted to checking websites of auction houses and placing online bids.  Sure you miss out on the excitement of being at the actual auction but when you are living half way across the world from the actual auction you don't really have much choice.  

Although the wedding has been and gone, my addiction continues and this week I discovered the most exciting of all exciting auctions yet.  Auction 428 - Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical items is happening on the 8th May at Leski's Auction House in Melbourne.  291 wonderful, quirky and in some cases, a little creepy, items!

Coincidentally my great friend Simon worked on this collection in his previous role, he has impeccable taste.  It is my dream auction collection!!

These are my favourite items:
Hospital heater on tripod with extension arm

Vintage dental instrument trolley on wheels

DISPENSING BOTTLES: with polished pontils, labels, 18cm tall, all in good condition & all with stoppers

Vintage hospital trolley with glass shelves

Group of prints (in frames) of hand drawn historical figures relating to the medical & scientific professions, including Charles Darwin and Pierre Curie. (9 items)
Imagine turning this vintage trolley into a table.  Like this one here

And there are a couple of things I won't be bidding on:

Female hand held urinal!!
2 early vintage urinal bags

Can someone who lives in Melbourne and won't have to ship their purchases across the country please buy lots of items so I can live vicariously through you?

You can find the full collection and details on how to bid here.

M xx


  1. Love what you've found - good scouting! Espescially love the idea of the trolley rebuilt as a table...

  2. The heater would make an awesome lamp, it would just need to be rewired..

    1. Thanks The Fireman, I was wondering if that was possible. Wish me luck!

  3. Great finds, those old prints are really interesting and I love both those trolleys, would you be tempted to match them to your pink drinks trolley in another bright paint?

    1. Thanks Willow. How great would a trio of neon drinks trolleys be!! Otherwise a gun metal grey would look fab too I think.

    2. Yes - would have to stock up on drinks for the trio of drinks trolleys! I like the idea of being able to change the colours with a new coat of paint as style changes and to match decor.. Also- I would love to use someting like this in the bathroom for toiletries :)

  4. I bought the dentist trolly from this auction! :) Found your blog looking for more info about it. (Your blog description accurately portrays my thoughts when I first saw it!) I also bough the really old cook/health books :D Will be picking them up tomorrow & will probably do a post about i on my blog eventually.

    Love your blog too :) some really awesome stuff!

    1. Christine I am so jealous!! I'll have to keep my eye on your blog to see what you do with them! I did just have a sneak peek at your blog then and saw skulls and bones already on the first page - love it!! xx