Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Wedding

One of my favourite parts of planning our recent wedding was collecting and making props to place around our ceremony and reception locations.  Our wedding took place in Hobart, Tasmania and as we were living in Dubai when we got engaged the majority of our wedding was planned over the phone and email.  Gumtree and ebay became my favourite web sites at the time and my lovely Mum became our much needed 'on the ground' resource.

My favourite finds were the box of vintage glass bottles and decanters that Mum picked up from an old farm (she drove over 3 hours each way to pick them up!), the hundred or so old vintage plates that we sourced and the old apple picking ladders we picked up for only $5 each and the seller even delivered them for free (that's the helpful Tasmanians for you!)

We also had lots of help from our amazing friends and family who helped collect bits and pieces or donate their treasures.  We had a loose theme of 'Vintage Travel' and had so many ideas of what we wanted to use but at the same time we didn't want it to look too gimmicky.  We were really happy with how it came together on the day and had the best day!

M xx

- If you know anyone getting married in Tasmania that would like to hire any of the above let me know x


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  1. Wow your wedding looked beautiful! Love the vintage theme.