Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Serving Tray

Sorry about the delay between posts.  We had a fantastic holiday away and I am just starting to feel human again now the jet lag has gone.   The flight back from the US to Perth is tough...  40 hours later (including long stop-overs) it was so nice to be home in our own place.  

I did come home to find this little treasure on our table which was nice!

A gorgeous friend had knitted my teapot a little hat to keep it warm! Very thoughtful and very appropriate for today's post...  

Did you catch my second guest post for We Love Perth on my DIY Serving Tray?  With Winter here I am all about entertaining at home and in particular I love a good old fashioned afternoon tea.  These easy to make serving trays are perfect to serve your afternoon tea on.  I might have to organise one this weekend just to show off my new teapot hat!  

You can read the full post here.

M xx

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  1. Belated welcome home!! Have missed your posts x