Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Classic Bentwood

I spent today sourcing stools for an upcoming photo shoot at work and these gorgeous replica bentwood stools at Matt Blatt caught my eye.

I've long been a fan of bentwood chairs and would have loved to use them for our wedding ceremony.  I love their clean lines and classic design.  It is a testament to this classic design that these chairs are still so popular now considering the No. 14 chair was originally designed by Michael Thonet in 1859! That's 1859 folks!!  How gorgeous do they look as bed sides tables below!


There are quite a few chairs on ebay for reasonable prices or keep an eye out at your local tipshop, recycling centre or auction house.  Although I prefer the natural wood style these chairs also look great painted.  A quick sand following by a gloss paint can completely change the look of your room.  

Bentwood Chairs - Before and After
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