Monday, January 21, 2013

My Happy Place

It has been a few weeks since we have been to my favourite place here in Perth and after going today I have decided it is my happy place.  Some people may like a department store, others may like a certain cafe that makes the perfect coffee or maybe the beach... but for me it is the recycling centre (fondly called the tipshop) in Balcatta! I love that you never know what you might come across, that anticipation of finding that amazing object that just creatively inspires you...  well today that happened!

As soon as we walked in I saw the below... beautiful right? And for the bargain price of just $20 it was an easy decision!

As beautiful as it was already it did need a bit of TLC once we got home.  There were cobwebs all over  and the wood was really dried out and starting to crack.  For an easy way to bring your dry wood back to life just brush over a blend of  turpentine and boiled linseed oil.  I used a 60:40 ratio and it worked fine but there does seem to be a lot of varying advice about what ratio to use on the internet.  Just make sure you give the wood a thorough sand first and then a wipe over to clean up any dust. After using the oil we just left it in the sun for a few hours to dry and to absorb the oil.  

So after a few hours.. we have a new tv cabinet!!

M xx

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