Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish List!

Manyara Home, the retail offspring of event and interior stylist Rouba Alamein, has recently launched an online store full of beautiful pieces that have been handpicked from around the world.  If I could choose someone to swap places with for a week then I'd love to swap with Rouba... what a great job!

I thought I'd put together my Manyara wish list of things I must have for my home!

1. African Lidded Basket.  You could use this as a washing basket but personally I think it is too beautiful to put your dirty clothes in! This would look perfect sitting in our loungeroom.

African lidded basket

2. Vintage Surabyan Mirror.  This beauty I would hang just near our front door.

Vintage Surabyan Mirror

3. Horn candle wall sconces.  To continue my love of horns, skulls and antlers these would go in our hall way...

Horn candle wall Sconces 

4. Rattan Clutch. Ok so technically not for my home and more for me but I couldn't not put this one in!  A perfect summer clutch.
Rattan Clutch w Striped Fabric Liner in Tan

5. Painting in Canvas. 
Painting in Canvas 3Painting in Canvas 2

I love both these images and can't decide whether I prefer the black or white background.  Although I would love to have them both from Manyara these images have made me wonder whether I could come up with something similar myself...  When we were in Kenya in 2012 I took the below photos, unfortunately I am no professional photographer so they are nowhere near as beautiful as the Manyara images (those eyes are just amazing!) but maybe after a play on photoshop I could get a similar effect?  I'll have a go and let you know the outcome!

Check out Manyara Home website for more amazing pieces here.

M xx

Images: 1 - 6 from Manyara home and the final two are mine. 


  1. I love that mirror especially! Gorgeous.

    I think you should defintely use your images for similar artwork, will remind you of your trip and make it personal - would look great on canvas and changing the background in photoshop to black or white?
    I like both too but think I like the white background the best, plus would really stand out on white wall.

  2. I think you will find that the lovely John Kenny of UK took those black and white pictures as I spoke to him personally via email back in 2011.